An Update? Oh My!

So when I started this blog whenever ago (how long has it been?) I was convinced I’d be one of those super-bloggers who posted every day and had amazing things to say and everyone would read and love and be loved and it would be beautiful. I now realize that’s not going to happen. I haven’t the patience to do this that often and I’m sure nobody’s going to be reading it, anyway.

However, I’m still going to paste links to blogs I like, cool sites, and literature amazing-ness. And maybe I’ll post once and awhile with updates (at least updating the directory with all my published work).

As for such updates, I’ve recently had a few acceptances:
Every Day Poets published my poem “Wintertime Regret” and the link is on the directory.
Every Day Fiction accepted my story “Delightful Surprise” and I’m awaiting a date (March, maybe?).
-The EC publication Gangsters in Concrete accepted my poems “On My Spaceship” and “On Some Back Road in Maine” and it should be released in April.

And this is all very exciting! 🙂

I like that smiley.


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