Inspiration All Over the Place

I’d just like to remind any would-be writers who are reading this that they need to look for inspiration absolutely everywhere. And I mean everywhere.

For instance, I’m currently writing a short-short called “Art” (and having some writer’s block, hence the post) which got its start in some very interesting circumstances. This story’s inspiration is an ad I saw once on Craig’s List which was asking for three male models willing to work on a video project in the nude. I’d tell you the rest but that would not only give away the whole story but also ruin your current imaginative moment. And I only saw this particular ad because I was creeping on facebook, looking at a couple of my friends’ wall-to-wall and saw the link.

Since you’re probably wondering, no, my friend didn’t actually answer the ad.

But I can’t wait to finish it. It’s certainly one of the more eccentric voices I’ve used in any of my stories. And maybe you’ll read it, too, if someone ever decides to publish it. But I think that’s getting ahead of ourselves. I’ve got to finish the darn thing first!

Back to that. But, remember, inspiration is EVERYWHERE.


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