To Contradict My Last Post

I’m totally not in any position to be giving writing advice. That would be silly of me (both to think I’m in a position to give advice and to believe anyone’s actually reading this).

However, I know what I like out of literature and I’m more than comfortable to share those opinions, whether they’re requested or not. For more info on that, you might consult the people in my workshops or the staff of the Emerson Review. I get kind of excited.

Also, my story “Delightful Surprise” will be published at Every Day Fiction tomorrow. It’s going to be a wonderful day (filled with snow and maybe even a donut!).


One thought on “To Contradict My Last Post

  1. What up 136?


    Actually, since you’ve been off of this thing for 2 months, I guess you won’t see this for a while, if at all, but I was just telling Scott Dieter that I got a thing up on seventytwowords and he told me that a kid from the class I sat in on when I was in Boston had just gotten put up there too. So, err… “hey.”

    Anyway, happy writing and don’t give up on the blog. I did that twice or thrice, but now I feel like it’s useful.

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