Pulling an Anderson

If you’ve known me for any longer than a month, you’ve probably heard about my obsession with old people and/or my desire for gray hair. If not…basically, I think old people are the cutest people in the world (primarily because they’re completely unafraid to speak their minds) and I love being around them – though I never want to be one. I’d like to escape the troubles that come with old age (mostly disease, memory loss, etc.) and just learn to be old now. Basically, I’d like to say whatever I want whenever I want and not get judged for it. A la old person.

But that’s not going to happen.

However, I do think I have a realistic chance of going gray at a reasonable age. Not bald, mind you, because that would be a complete catastrophe. I think going gray early is such a distinguished look to have. See Anderson Cooper for details. He’s not even 50 and he’s completely gray and it is a stunning look. Stunning. I’d love to be 40-something, in shape, and rocking the gray hair. Perfect.

So I counted when I was combing my hair after showering today. I have eight gray hairs (that I can find). I think that’s a good start.

Also, if you have any idea why ‘old people’ and ‘gray hair’ have a realistic connection, I’d love for you to tell me. Because it now seems that these should have been two posts…unless! perhaps my ideal state is gray hair and no mental boundary between thought and speech. That sounds about right.


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