Whittling Down a Year of Poems

This year (my first as a resident assistant) I posted a new “Poem of the Week” on my door every Sunday. I tried to do a lot of poems either written by members of the Emerson community or poems that were published in The Emerson Review. But I obviously didn’t do that every week, instead scouring the web and my own poetry collection for poems to include. Below I’ve decided to list my favorites from the year that you can find online. Enjoy!

Rachel Bunting – The Apiary

Ina Rousseau – Eden

Laura Cronk – Entering

Martha Kinney – Fog

Jack Gilbert – Married 

Billy Collins – Morning

Jolia Einstein – Off the Isle of Man 

Jane Cooper – Rent

Donald Hall – Safe Sex

Conrad Hilberry – Storm Window 

I’ve been trying to decide if I have a favorite and I just don’t know. I did memorize Collins’s “Morning” for an assignment last year and Einstein’s “Off the Isle of Man” is such a stunning story. But if I was forced to pick, I think I’d go with Cooper’s “Rent.” It’s really hard to write a love poem that doesn’t suck, but I think she does it in an appropriately demanding way – this guy better bring it. Then again, Rousseau’s “Eden” is spectacular in every way. I don’t know. I give up.


One thought on “Whittling Down a Year of Poems

  1. Thank you for including me in this list. I’m really flattered to be listed along with such great poets.

    And I’d have to go with Donald Hall’s “Safe Sex,” personally. That last image is so incredibly haunting.

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