Not Forgetting TC

A few things:

1. I’m in the middle of Violet Weingarten’s Mrs. Beneker. It’s this book that came out in the late 1960s and deals with a lot of what I assume Mrs. Dalloway deals with. That Woolf novel keeps popping up so I should probably read it soon; though I probably won’t because things keep getting in the way. Regardless, Mrs. Beneker isn’t that great and I probably won’t talk about it again (though I will finish it because I’m more than halfway there and I might as well). But if you’re interested in half-rate feminist angst, it’s available from some Amazon sellers for a penny.

2. I walked to the library today and picked up a few things, though they didn’t have what I was primarily looking for (E.M. Forster’s Maurice). I wasn’t all that surprised. Hopefully I can find that at the used book store tomorrow.

3. I’ve decided to write about all the T.C. Boyle books I’m reading this summer in one post right before I return to Emerson. I don’t know why, but it might be fun to compare them. I’ve already read After the Plague and Talk Talk and purchased Drop City, Tooth and Claw, and A Friend of the Earth. So you can maybe look forward to a post about at least the five of them in August. I will not be forgetting my friend T.C.


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