BP: This Just In!

I wrote this bad poem back in January when my poetry professor said one of the other classes was having a big Anderson Cooper poetry debate; half the class loved him and half the class hated him. Then I wrote this unfortunate business:

We have just received confirmation
from our affiliates in Houston that
a local scientist has successfully
cloned 360 Anderson Coopers.

While he hasn’t discussed his process,
we are quite certain it can’t be legal.
I mean, this reporter would question
how they obtained a DNA sample.

This just in! The 259th Cooper
has announced the creation of
the new AC Network. All gray,
all jawline, all piercing blue

eyes that dart into the soul and
pull from it the truth with complete
journalistic integrity–and news,
all the time. Tune in at 8:00.

This reporter would question
how can request a transfer.


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