Double Takes, Kinda

Tim Jones-Yelvington (who’s quickly becoming one of my favorites) has two new stories available. They remind me that I like when writers address something from two radically different views, especially when they appear in different places and come out at approximately the same time. This needs to happen more often.

In this case, “Abner” of “Slime Me” really wants his friend to pour goo on him because “it wasn’t enough, would never be enough, if he knew when the slime was coming and where it would fall” and the narrator of “Advice for Locating the Whirl” shares his secret to making the ‘she’ sticky. I’m 90% sure these are the same metaphor. 😀

In other news, I need to start blogging about short stories more often. Maybe that’ll help me write better/more/things that people actually want to read/publish/be happy.


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