Writers on Facebook

I’m now friends with two online-writer-people on facebook: Tim Jones-Yelvington and Jac Jemc. I’ve read a lot of both their work and was thrilled when they let me into their semi-private facebook worlds.

But I have my concerns. Now I know what they look like. Now I know when their writing is giving them so much trouble that it’s worth a status update. And these privileges are not ones I’m used to having when it comes to the writers of the literature I choose to read. I mean, I never got to see the pictures Hemingway took on his last fishing trip. I wouldn’t want such things to interfere with how I read their work.

These are probably silly concerns, especially as I try to build a set of writerly credentials of my own. I suppose it can’t hurt to get closer to those who are further along the path than I am. It’s good to have idols, I’d think.


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