Sam Pink’s Book

I got Sam Pink’s book, I Am Going to Clone Myself Then Kill the Clone and Eat It, in the mail a few days ago and have started reading it. I’m on page 41 of 168. I’m kind of surprised the book is that long, because I was expecting it to be a chapbook. But this is a happy surprised because I like it and I’m glad there’s more of it to read.

I carry it around with me and read bits between classes. This is easy to do because a lot of the pieces are small (yet big, where it counts). People say “that’s weird” when they ask what the title of the book is and I tell them, but that’s their problem.

So far my favorite line was on page 18: “I used a net to catch some butterflies. I put the butterflies into my mouth and whispered them into your ear.” I really like those two sentences. And most of the other sentences.

Sam’s website is here.


One thought on “Sam Pink’s Book

  1. I just finished Sam Pink’s book. I recommend it highly. I do not recommend getting into an argument with your mother (over Christmas presents, of all things) right before you read the last twenty pages, though. That might make the last twenty pages more sad than Sam Pink intended. Sam Pink.

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