More Workshop Fun

I had my second story workshopped in class a few days ago. It was pretty much the best workshop I’ve ever had. I really like the story and so did (most) of the class. Wonderful comments, too:

  • I am so glad you didn’t go down the path I thought you would, “young boy shot in fatal gun accident” or whatever. That would have been…preachy? It doesn’t matter, you didn’t do it. Thank you.
  • The story breaks my heart.
  • It’s fucking hard to write children but damned if you didn’t do it well. Enjoyed it.

Then, one major naysayer:

  • Would work great as a short film I think but less so as a short story. Very little is accomplished, nothing is earned. Work on your pacing and plot.

He’s the same guy who hated my first story. I don’t think I’ll ever please him and I’m more than ok with that – his style is much more plot-centered than the intricacies of my prose. My point for bringing it up is that I think I’m in a better place, personally, now than when I started at Emerson, when I would’ve tried desperately to make him like a story. Now I don’t care. I’m going to do what I do until it gets good enough to find a home.

That said, I have high hopes for this story. I’ll sit on it for a week or two, do some edits, sit on it for another week, and send it out. Hopefully editors will agree with the first bunch.


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