Got the new FENCE & Redivider…

…and FENCE is looking pretty sweet. The cover, for one thing, is fantastic:

And I’m really intrigued by some of the content, specifically Carley Moore’s prose poem “My Friends and Enemies.” Essentially, it just lists all the friends and enemies from the narrator’s childhood (taking seven pages to do so), but you get a pretty great look at how that child grew up. This is mostly interesting to me because this guy brought in a list of all the girlfriends he’d had to a fiction workshop I had last year. While he failed, Moore did not.

And Catherine Wagner’s poem “This Is a Fucking Poem” really grabs my attention (aside from the obvious reasons). I’ve read it through three or four times and the language is absolutely arresting but I’m having trouble figuring out what it’s about. I shall keep trying.

Then I went and got a copy of the new Redivider. And their cover isn’t bad…but they’ve certainly had better. The little green guys kind of scare me. But the interior art is phenomenal AND there’s a Blake Butler story I can’t wait to dive into.

Today is a good, good day.


One thought on “Got the new FENCE & Redivider…

  1. Man, I’ve been toting this issue of Fence around for two weeks all excited to break into it…and have yet to make time. In light of these comments, I resolve to fuckin make some time this weekend.

    Also, saw your thing in Pank. I really like it.

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