I’m feeling compelled to write a blog post. I don’t know why. Boredom? I also have nothing to post about. So here’s a life update!

  • There is one week sitting between Spring Break and me. That week will involve handing in an 8-page paper I just finished, a midterm, the standard workshops, and room checks. If my residents have illegal chairs, you best believe I’ll take them away.
  • I’ll be turning 21 over Spring Break. Huzzah!
  • I’m wearing my orange sweat pants (the only item from Hollister I own).
  • I have decided to pursue an MFA in Fiction upon graduating from Emerson. That means I have a little under a year to decide where I want to apply and get everything together. I think this is doable. But the big question is: Am I good enough for Cornell? We shall see.
  • I need to start submitting work again. I’ve got four stories just sitting on my laptop and that’s not doing anybody any good.
  • I am halfway through Stacey Richter’s Twin Study. “My Mother the Rock Star” is a gem. And I’m jealous I’m not living her life.
  • The Emerson Review is this close to printing. The layout is done; we’re just waiting for final copyedits, a new print bid, and approval from our advisors. But…this issue is bangin’ with great stuff. Some students, a couple big names from the online lit community, and some unknowns. I’m so proud to be a part of it, and so excited to head-up next year’s team as EIC.
  • And I’m waiting (semi-patiently) for Stork to arrive back from the printers. This celebration of flash fiction is going to knock Emerson on its ass. For real.

Such is life.


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