Leveler = Cool

The poetry journal LEVELER isn’t exactly new anymore, but I don’t think it receives nearly the amount of attention it deserves. Their schtick, if you will, is to open the conversation between editors and readers. They do this by pairing every poem they publish with a critical essay, explaining not only why they picked it, but why it works. This is refreshing. Because while every journal (by default) lets you know what they think is ‘good,’ not many tell you their reasoning.

Knowing is nice. And it makes me feel better about being rejected by them, because they’re clearly giving poems the consideration they deserve.

My favorite poem they’ve published so far is Nate Pritts’s “The Existing Situation as it Presently Exists.” I really enjoy how Pritts plays around with the construction of ‘you,’ especially in contrast to ‘me’ at the conclusion. Wonderful stuff.


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