New Poem at Leveler

I’m excited to have “Upon a Line by Michael Cunningham” up at Leveler Poetry this week. I like them because they pair each poem they publish with a brief explanation as to why that poem ‘works’ for them.

Their perspectives are usually fresh and eye-opening. More encompassing, at least, than my mother’s confusion as to why “that big-ass bee is in your kitchen and you don’t even stop slicing eggs to clean up the shattered glass.” You can’t, it seems, please everyone.

“…Cunningham” is the first poem I’ve finished in a series using lines from Pulitzer Prize-winning novels. I don’t know how many of them I’ll write/publish, but I’m hoping for enough to put together a chapbook.


One thought on “New Poem at Leveler

  1. Doug–I loved the poem on Leveler, and I love this idea. I don’t really like what ‘The Editors’ have written, but that’s okay!

    Also- Let me know when you get my edits for the long poem.

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