Christmas Happened

Christmas was strange this year. Everyone in my family basically knew what presents they were getting before they were opened. Which I suppose is normal (and the point of lists), but when you combine that with an ever-diminishing return on Christmas cards, it makes for a low-key holiday. At least, low-stress.

Then we ate hot dogs because that’s what my grandmother wanted. It was kind of adorable.

For books, Santa got me:

  • Matt Bell‘s How They Were Found
  • Michael Cunningham’s By Nightfall
  • Emma Donoghue’s Room
  • Shane Jones‘s Light Boxes
  • Kevin Killian’s Impossible Princess
  • Maurice Manning’s The Common Man
  • Lori Ostlund’s The Bigness of the World
  • Ethel Rohan‘s Cut Through the Bone

All and all, an impressive list. I think I’m most excited for Manning’s new poetry collection (since Bucolics changed my life), but I’ve heard spectacular things about Cunningham’s new novel—and I’ve already started Light Boxes, since I feel so behind. So far, so good.

There’s supposed to be a blizzard today.


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