Helen Mirren

I love getting things from Greying Ghost Press in the mail. They stuff their packages with the most glorious extras—at the very least a pamphlet or two of new words, and often several other small treasures.

I just got Andrew Terhune‘s chapbook Helen Mirren Picks Out My Clothes. I was a little surprised it was still in stock (since there’s only 100 of them and it was released in 2009) so I was already feeling lucky. Plus the construction is beautiful, and the poems fill me with irrational joy. It’s Helen Mirren! Bossing him around!

It came with:

  • Brian Foley‘s You Are on Fired
  • Tyler Dorholt’s The Sound
  • a torn page from a Flintstones children’s book
  • a picture of a basset hound going to school
  • an old post card of the reflecting pool in Washington, DC
  • a piece of a comic I don’t recognize
  • a Chip ‘n’ Dale playing card (Disney, not dirty)
  • an old ad for a book called Muscles of Might
  • a piece of another comic I don’t recognize
  • an old ad that says ‘Nature Makes Beer’
  • a map of the United States, east of Missouri
  • sheet music with a buck on it

Anyway, do yourself a favor and give them some business.


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