2010 Books

At the start of 2010 I set the ambitious goal of reading 100 books this year. Apparently I’d forgotten about all the other things I had to do: classes, editing The Emerson Review, etc. Instead, I got exactly halfway. All things considered, 50 is a pretty respectable number.

I won’t give you the full list, because that’s kind of obnoxious (though it’s on Facebook if you know me and care that much), but here were my top five:

  • Maurice Manning’s Bucolics
  • CE Morgan’s All the Living
  • Anne Carson’s Autobiography of Red
  • Zachary German’s Eat When You Feel Sad
  • Paul Yoon’s Once the Shore

Maybe I’ll write more about them next week. Who knows? It seems I have grand ideas but forget to follow through. Either way, you should go read them.

What should I read in 2011?


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