BFA Update

I don’t remember the last time I talked about my BFA. It might have been back when I thought I was going to write linked short stories. Gah!

Earlier this week I handed in my first full draft of my BFA thesis: Round Sun and Other Poems. I started my Emerson journey writing poems and I decided it was only fitting to finish with poems.

When I started working on the project, I knew I wanted to have a good portion of them be the ‘farmhouse poems’ I was writing (formerly the ‘upon a line’ series including McCarthy, Strout, and Cunningham), but was myself surprised all 25 in the collection are those. They’re working together, though, which is important. I’ll spend the better part of April editing, rearranging, (possibly) writing more, sending them out to journals, and designing the chapbook. It’s going to look good and it’s going to sound good.

I’m excited. Here’s an excerpt from “Aching,” what will probably be the first poem in the group:

As they toil with their trunks
the dog paws at the land, digging
for memories of exploded stars,
the start. Do they know their spirits
aren’t rising, but sinking toward soil?

To get a better idea about the group, you could check out some of my influences:

Anyway, that’s where I’m at. I’m going to print a limited number of chapbooks for friends and family, but I may open it to others if there’s interest. We’ll see.


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