The List of Books and Journals I Bought or Got for Free at AWP 2012

  • D. A. Powell’s Useless Landscapes
  • Daniel A. Hoyt’s Then We Saw the Flames
  • Kathy Fish’s Together We Can Bury It
  • Crazyhorse Fall 2011
  • Electric Literature 5
  • The Chattahoochee Review Winter 2011
  • The Chattahoochee Review Spring/Summer 2011
  • Court Green 9
  • Hobart 12
  • Natural Bridge Fall 2009
  • Passages North Winter 2012
  • Sou’wester Fall 2011
  • 32 Poems Spring/Summer 2011
  • Bloom Summer 2004
  • Jubilat 20
I could’ve easily gotten more, but I’d given myself a budget and for once in my life stuck to it. This was especially difficult given that there seemed to be more journals there than there were last year in DC and because I drove—meaning I had trunk space and didn’t have to worry about flying everything home. Oh well!

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