In 2013 I didn’t read all of Anne Carson, but I did read Autobiography of Red (again), Red Doc>, Nox, If Not, Winter, Men in the Off Hours, and started An Oresteia. I found that I couldn’t read one right after the other, that some reflection time was necessary, so this is a project I’ll continue in 2014.

In 2013 I got better at saying “no.”

In 2013 I figured out what I’m doing with my hair. It looks good.

In 2013 I at least tried to pay better attention to the people I care about.

In 2013 I finished one manuscript, Look How Good I Look, and am very close to finishing a second, Merit Badge for Fruit and Nut Growing.

In 2013 I continued to obsess over things I can’t change, but have gotten better at finding the people who could help me change those things.


In 2014 I will finish reading all of Anne Carson.

In 2014 I will create and enact a post-MFA game plan.

In 2014 I will write more essays.

In 2014 I will make Gabby the big deal that it is.

In 2014 I will take better care of my body.


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