Word Riot Favorites, Year One

The publication of the new issue of Word Riot marks a full year of my serving as poetry editor. I’m enjoying reading submissions immensely, and this occasion seems worthy of celebration in some way.

So I’m going to link to my ten favorites, because reasons, in alphabetical order. Yes, I love all the poems I’ve published, but, you know, everyone has favorites. These are poems you need to read, if only so we can pretend they all got Pushcarts and Best Americans and whatnot:

Mary-Alice Daniel’s “Supermoon

Cody Ernst’s “Barn Paint

Suzi F. Garcia’s “Give Me a Rambling Plot Twist

Jeffrey Haynes’s “The Night You Were Dancing to “Shake Your Tailfeather” in the Kitchen and Were Rudely Interrupted

Carrie Murphy’s “Fat Daisies

Deonte Osayande’s “Crossfire

Amber Rambharose’s “Supergirl on Batgirl

Sam Sax’s “Putting on Emily Dickinson’s Clothes

Daniel Vlasaty’s “Make Believe Fish

Quinn White’s “Robbins on a Half Shell

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