It’s 2015

Last night the hosts of the party I was at seemed to think it was a good idea to watch the new Pitbull New Year’s Eve special. Maybe they were joking. I don’t know. But what wasn’t funny was the show’s producers turning off the countdown because his song wasn’t going to end in time for the turn of midnight. Which is rude. Viewers shouldn’t have to watch the clock on their own to be sure their new year’s kisses are on time. That’s revisionist history.

I don’t know why I’m so upset about it.

Anyway, reflection time:

In 2014 I finished writing two books. The first was accepted as my MFA thesis, and the second was just for me (which I submitted to my first-ever book contests, and was a finalist for both the National Poetry Series and the Starrett Prize). I’m going to continue working on and submitting them both. I am hopeful they will find great homes this year.

In 2014 I finished my MFA in poetry. Thank you to my committee (Adrian Matejka, Ross Gay, and Alyce Miller) for their support.

In 2014 I won the Robin Becker Chapbook Prize from Seven Kitchens Press; my chapbook Something to Hide My Face In is forthcoming.

In 2014 I published two issues of Gabby.

In 2014 I published dozens of incredible poems at Word Riot.

In 2014 I read a lot of books that made me rethink what writing is for. What art is for. A few:

  • David Shields’s Reality Hunger
  • Barbara Brown Taylor’s Learning to Walk in the Dark
  • Roxane Gay’s Bad Feminist
  • Dorothea Lasky’s Rome
  • Wayne Koestenbaum’s My 1980s
  • Oliver Bendorf’s The Spectral Wilderness
  • Saeed Jones’s Prelude to Bruise
  • Anne Carson’s Plainwater

In 2014 I found an awesome part-time job at a salon that introduces me every day to incredible new people and leaves me enough time to read and write without stressing out.

In 2014 I experienced a noticeable increase in deja vu experiences.

In 2014 I started taking photographs.

In 2014 I started working on a new book-length poem.

In 2014 I decided it was okay not to have a plan.

In 2014 I stayed where I was.

In 2014 I was in love.


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