New poems from my manuscript-in-progress Futurologist:

Blue Curtains” at Voicemail Poems
Inaccuracy Because Either Could Be Either” and 3 at Hobart
Is a Cabin in the Middle of Nowhere Still in the Middle of Nowhere” and “Like the Weight Was Part of Me” at Devil’s Lake
I’ll Say Gin or I Won’t” and “This Will Do Just Fine” at Split Lip
A Real Thigmotropism” at Really System
We Are Only Young Forever” at Untoward
Divers” at The Adroit Journal
Topological Memory” at Lime Hawk

“Americanitis” in Apt Issue 7 (excerpt)
“Hyacinthos” forthcoming in Salt Hill
“I Saw the Ghost” in Parcel Spring 2016
“Pseudoarchaeology” forthcoming in Apogee
“Sweet in the Air” and “The Glow of Your Former Self” in Nimrod Mirrors and Prisms
“What’s So Interesting about Tapestries” forthcoming in 1110

Excerpts from my in-progress book-length poem Letter to the Aliens:

Online: HobartPowder KegCosmonauts AvenueJukedGhost Ocean, and Blunderbuss

Print: Pittsburgh Poetry Review and RHINO

Poems from my manuscript-in-progress Look How Good I Look:

Epistolaphobia” at Hobart
If Ever We’re in the Same City” at Sidekick Lit
It’s 63 in Antarctica” at Cosmonauts Avenue
On the Eve of My Twenty-fifth Birthday” and two at Toad
Posing for Michael” and “John Wright Poses for George Reynolds” at Twelfth House
Sex with a Famous Poet” and “What Makes You Beautiful” at Banango Street
Tradition” at 30 x Lace

9 poems on Bill Duckett and the ethics of nude modeling in Assaracus 17
“The Boxers I Stole from an Open Locker in My High School Locker Room” in Bloom 4.2
“Community Pool” in Columbia Poetry Review 25
“It’s Friday Night” and “I Want to Sleep with Aaron Schock” in Minnesota Review 84
“It’s Past Midnight in Bloomington” and “Letter to Trent Diesel” in Folio 29.1
“It’s Past Midnight in Boston” and “Between the Snaps” in Weave 10
July 23, 2011” in Harpur Palate 12.1
“Look How Good I Look” in Court Green 11
Love Letter to Argenta Perón” in Rattle 45
“Love Letter to Zakk Moore” in Salt Hill 36
The Old Queen Has the Gym” in Moon City Review 2014
“Seventy Percent Chance of Rain and I Forgot My Umbrella” and “Straight Men Can Write Their Names in the Snow but Can’t Miss the Seat when It’s Down” in Iron Horse‘s 2016 Poetry Month Issue
Watching My Ex Sing Karaoke on Drag Night” and “Ode to the Man Who Fell Asleep while the Door to His Room at the Bathhouse Was Open” in Permafrost 35.1
When He Pins Your Knees at Your Ears” in Redivider 10.2

Poems from my manuscript-in-progress Stalk:

Aubade with Brad Pitt on a Tractor” at Ninth Letter
Landscape with a River and a Bay in the Distance” at Vinyl
Pastoral with Boy and Laundry” at Radar Poetry
Ruin” at elimae
Television Light” at Flywheel
There’s Something about Bones” at Sundog Lit

“All the Water Does” and “Pastoral with Boy Taking a Piss” in Handsome 6.1
Enamel” in The Chattahoochee Review 33.1
Lament” in Gigantic Sequins 4.2
“Nocturne with Boy Throwing Stones at Stars” in Timber 4
“Pastoral with Boy, Dress, Rosary, Bed” in Salt Hill 31
Pastoral with Boys and Snow” in Sou’wester 14.1
Ramshackle Chandelier” in Fourteen Hills 18.2

Earlier poems:

All I Ever Wanted Was a Space Boyfriend” in FreezeRay Poetry
Already Sticky” and “Bottom” at (old) PANK
First” at Alba
Lion at the Amusement Park” and “Lion at the Beach” in Ilk Journal
Lion Buys a Scratch Ticket” at The Likewise Folio
Lion in the Back of a Limousine” and “Lion Poses Nude” in Brusque
Lion Orders a Frisco Melt at Steak ‘n Shake” at Vinyl
On My Spaceship” at Safety Pin Review
Ode” at Lambda Literary
Projection” at Juked
This Was the Boy” at Birdfeast
Upon a Line by Cormac McCarthy” at Stirring
Upon a Line by Michael Cunningham” at Leveler

Lion in My Shower” in Barrow Street Winter 13/14
“Lion at the Print Shop” and “Lion in Bed” in Glitterwolf 4
“Lion on the Catwalk” in Pear Noir! 10
Leave” in Washington Square Review